Scouting in the Catholic Church 2013

Philmont Training Center

Cimarron, NM

Fellow Scouters:

Many people consider Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philmont Training Center to be in "God's country". With the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the west, the colorful desert plains to the east, the deep blue sky and starry nights, the animals moving about, and the tranquility from being away from our daily routines, who could disagree? This is why we conduct our advanced training program, Scouting in the Catholic Church, in this place.

I welcome you to the course! Your instructors were prayerfully selected for their experience with Catholic Scouting, their ability to present and to represent the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. I encourage you to get to know them and your other classmates. They can be a resource to you after the course. I also encourage you to participate in the other activities offered by the Training Center and to visit other parts of the property and surrounding area. And to say hello to our Catholic chaplains who are stationed at the Catholic chapel. There is much to learn and to experience!

This course is designed to help you learn how Scouting is a program of youth ministry. It is expected to prepare you to share your faith, use our programs and speak the language of youth ministry. In this way, you can promote the programs of the Boy Scouts of America within your diocese or parish and incorporate a Catholic emphasis. Please let us know if we are successful or what we can do to improve the course. We look forward to your feedback.

Finally, I thank you for being here. Your interest and participation helps us to bring Scouting and the Catholic faith to countless number of youth who may not see their faith expressed or nurtured anywhere else. Scouting is an activity for all youth and provides us, as Catholics, the opportunity to meet youth in an activity they enjoy and evangelize them in the faith. May God bless your efforts as you continue to make a positive difference in the lives of Scouts and Catholic Scouting!


Edward P. Martin
National Chairman (2013-2016)
SiCC 2014 Course Director