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NCCS contacts

National chairman:
Administration, Advisory Board
Mr. Ed Martin
National chaplain:
PTC, Philmont Chaplains
Rev. Michael Hanifin
Bishop Liaison to the NCCS Bishop Bob Guglielmone
National chair-elect Mr. George Sparks
Associate national chaplain Rev. Kevin Smith
Finance, Conference Committee and Contracts Administrator
Mr. Bill Davies
Religious Activities, Marketing and Public Relations
Mr. Jim Weiskircher
Mr. George LeCrone
Religious Emblems, International
Mr. Jerry Scanlan
Administrative / Operations
Training and Vocations
Ms. Susan Barriball
Administrative / Program Assistant
Mrs. Elizabeth Romero-Coca
Immediate past national chair Col. (ret.) John Halloran
Immediate past national chaplain:
Rev. Stephen B. Salvador
Parliamentarian, Minutes, Nominations Mr. Edward Gargiulo
Regional chairmen See Region Maps
Regional chaplains See Region Maps

NCCS Standing Committees and Committee Chairs and Advisors

(links to committee reports)



Chaplain Fr. Gerard Gentleman Rev. Mr. Tommy Watts
Conference and Meetings Fr. Randy Cuevas Mrs. Kay Davies
Contract Management Mr. Barry Ekle
Finance Mr. Bill Davies Rev. Dennis J. O'Rourke
International Mr. Scott Harvey Rev. Stephen B. Salvador
Marketing and Public Relations Mrs. Margaret Matarese Fr. Roger LaChance
Membership Mr. John Anthony Rev. Don Hummel
Nomination Col. (ret.) John Halloran Rev. Stephen B. Salvador
Religious Activities Mr. Chuck Lamb Fr. Joe Palacios
Religious Emblems Mr. Harvey Carter Fr. Shawn Tunink
Training Capt. Ben Feril Fr. Ross Chamberland OFM
Vocations Mrs. Susan Guidry Rev. Ken Shuping
Advisory Board Mr. Edward Gargiulo Fr. Ray Fecteau
Ad Hoc Committees
St. George Trek Fr. Gerard Gentleman
Hispanic Consultant Bishop James Tamayo  
Bishop Liaison Emeritus Bishop Gerald Gettlefinger  
Historian Mr. Bob Oldowski  
Legal Advisor Mr. Robert Greer  
Liaison with the Knights of Columbus Col. (ret.) John Halloran  
NCYC/NFCYM Mr. Ed Gargiulo