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AAD Scout Feedback

1. What is your current age?
2. What grade are you in (or recently completed)?
3. How many years have you been in Scouting (include Cub Scouting)?
4. Which other emblems have you been awarded (if any)?

Light of Christ
Parvuli Dei

5. How many participants were in program with you?
6. How many weeks did it take to complete the program?
7. How many meetings did it take to complete the program?
8. What was the average length of each meeting? (in hours)
9. How many years of education did you complete in each of the following?
Catholic Elementary School
Catholic High School
CCD/PSR Program
10. Which sacraments have you received?
(Check all that you have received)

Penance and Reconciliation

Program Rating:
Please answer all questions using the numbers in the following scale.
5 – Excellent 4 – Very Good 3 – Good 2 – Fair 1 – Poor 0 – Very Poor
11. How would you rate the overall content of the Ad Altare Dei program?
12. How well did you enjoy working through this program?
13. How would you rate the introduction in explaining the requirements, procedure, and purpose of the program?
14. How well did each chapter achieve its stated goal?
Sacraments and Sacramentals
Penance and Reconciliation
Anointing of the Sick
Holy Orders
15. How helpful, or useful, were the interviews that you conducted?
16. How well did your counselor do in sharing his / her faith life with you?
17. How well do you think this program is designed for junior high age youth?

How well did the program help you understand God working through the Sacraments in your daily life?

Please answer the following questions with as much information as possible.
19. Which chapter, section or requirement did you find least beneficial. Why?
20. Which chapter, section or requirement did you find most beneficial. Why?
21. Did this program help you in the growth of your faith life? Please share your thoughts.
22. From your experience, what specific changes would you recommend to improve the program? Explain!!
  BSA Council:
  Optional contact information
  State: Zip Code:
  Home Phone: