Bishop’s Event

A Bishop’s event to Grow Scouting (Bishop’s Event) is a way for your bishop to show his support for Catholic Scouting and to help expand Catholic Scouting in your diocese. A Bishop’s Event is a systematic approach to organizing a large number of units. The Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting coordinates with their local bishop to invite pastors in the diocese to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a shorter meeting to encourage the pastors to start or revive Scouting units in their parishes and/or Catholic schools. During the event, the benefits of chartering a Scouting unit are explained, from the role that Catholic Scouting can play in youth ministry programming at the parish to how Scouting units can serve to engage new families in parish life. The responsibilities of chartering a Scouting unit are also explained. Experienced Catholic Scouting volunteers play a key role in the event by individually speaking with pastors and other parish representatives who are unfamiliar with Catholic Scouting and answering questions they may have. The Bishop’s endorsement of Catholic Scouting is an essential part of this event. Also essential is solid plan for follow up with interested pastors after the event and support throughout the chartering of units and their establishment.

Download a comprehensive Bishop’s Event guide to organizing, publicizing and implementing a successful event, plus helping new units chartered following the event to become established and thrive.

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