Committee Awards

Quality Catholic Committee Award

The annual Quality Catholic Committee Award recognizes local Catholic Committees on Scouting that promote and achieve a quality Catholic Scouting program. It is an opportunity for the NCCS to salute committees that deliver exceptional programs to youth members in all the BSA programs.

Quality programs for youth are what the NCCS continually seeks, and it is committed to supporting this goal. We hope each committee will establish annual goals to accomplish key areas of quality program delivery. Then, when a committee earns this award, it makes a statement that they have provided their youth members with the highest quality program experience possible.

After reviewing the application, NCCS will make the award determination, notify the local Catholic Committee on Scouting of their award, and send the certificate and two patches. Additional patches are available from the online store.

Submit your application via the online application form below. Applications must be submitted between November 1 and March 15.

Activity Award of Excellence

Each year, Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting and units plan and provide activities that further the "Duty to God" tenet of Scouting. The activities can be general activities where Scouts of all ages are involved, or targeted activities such as an Ad Altare Dei retreat or activities designed for Cub Scouts.

NCCS established the Activity Award of Excellence to recognize these outstanding activities and to share information about these activities with other Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting and unit leaders, so that they can use the information to plan and organize their own events.

Activities submitted for award consideration may include but are not limited to: sample prayers, songs, skits and crafts, games, retreats, or a combination of any or all of these activities.

After reviewing the application, NCCS will make the award determination, notify the award recipient of the award and mail the award certificate.

Submit your application via the application form below. Applications can be submitted at any time of year.

Retreat outlines submitted in past Activity Award of Excellence applications can be found here.

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