Emblems & Activities

NCCS has developed programs that weave Catholic teaching into activities and programs that engage Catholic Scouting participants at all age levels.

Religious Emblems – There are five Religious Emblem programs available for Scouts to earn. It is important to understand that Religious Emblems are not merely awards for completing a set of requirements. Instead, they recognize a young person’s growth in faith and how they live out their Catholic faith. When a Scout completes the requirements for an emblem, the Scout is entitled to wear the BSA Religious Knot in addition to the earned emblem.

Religious Activities There are seven series of Religious Activities for Scouts and non-Scouts alike, with more than 50 total activities. Religious Activities feature fun and easy ways to learn more about the Catholic faith, Catholic role models and become more aware of the faith community around the world. Each series has multiple activities within it. For example, The Rosary Series has five activities that teach youth about the Rosary. The Faith Series examines Catholic traditions and teachings. And the American Saint Series and the Modern Saint Series provide an opportunity for young people to learn about these holy men and women and look to them as role models.

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