Executive Board

Executive Committee

The NCCS is governed by the Executive Board which the diocesan representatives help to select. The Executive Board, consisting of an Executive Committee, NCCS-elected Regional Chairs and Regional Chaplains and Members-at-Large, meets annually.

John Anthony

National Chairman
Advisory Board, Conferences

Rev. Gerard Gentleman

National Chaplain
St. George Trek, Chaplains

Most Rev. Michael Fisher

Bishop Liaison to the NCCS
*Non-Voting Member

Bill Guglielmi

National Chair-Elect
Regions, 2023 Jamboree

Rev. Mark Carr, S.J.

Associate National Chaplain

John Doerr

Vice-Chair Finance and Scholarships

Kathy Polowski

Vice-Chair Religious Emblems, Religious Activities, 100th Celebration
NCCS 100th Anniversary

Bill Jenkins

International, Vocations

Chris Murray

Vice-Chair Marketing

Joe Bouley

Vice-Chair Training, Relationships

Jim Weiskircher

Immediate Past National Chair
Nominating, 2023 Jamboree

Rev. Joe Powers

Immediate Past National Chaplain
Nominations, Advisor

Ed Gargiulo

*Non-Voting Member

Rev. Kevin Smith

Finance Advisor

Edward P. Martin

Advisory Board Chair

Rev. Donald Hummel

Advisory Board Advisor

Robert H. Lane, Ph.D.

Contract Administrator
*Non-Voting Member

Todd Lundquist

Legal Advisor
*Non-Voting Member

Elizabeth Olivas

NCCS Program Administrator
*Non-Voting Member

Ronald Timmons

BSA Liason to the NCCS
*Non-Voting Member

NCCS-elected Regional Chairs and Regional Chaplains and Members-at-Large. View a list of regional contacts.

NCCS Standing Committee Leaders. Downloadable PDF.

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