You may order the patch through the NCCS online store.

No. You should not mail or otherwise submit such documentation to NCCS. As long as you have reviewed the Scout’s work and ensured accuracy and understanding, that is all that is needed.

No. A Scout can only earn a religious knot for earning a Religious Emblem.

Religious Emblems are ordered through a person designated by your local Diocesan Scouting Committee. Please check with your Diocesan Chair, Chaplain, or Office of Youth Ministry (or similarly named office) for the correct information. Find your regional contact information. Do not use the Religious Emblems order form found on this website because only designated persons can place such orders.

Contact the NCCS office at 214-714-6950 (direct) or 972-580-2114 (to leave a message) or info@nccs-bsa.org for more information.

That’s great! It’s important to recognize good work. There are a variety of awards and recognitions, with varying nomination and/or application processes. Find out more about Awards & Recognitions.

Nominate your unit for the Unit Award of Excellence! NCCS always wants to hear about and share examples of successful activities and events. This award process provides a way to do that – and recognize units for outstanding work!

Thank you for becoming a Catholic Scouting leader! You bring Catholic Scouting to life in your parish/community. NCCS wants to ensure you have the training you need to succeed in your new role. There are several training options for you. First, contact your Regional NCCS leader for information about any local trainings or resources in your area. Second, participate in the adult leader training programs that are designed for your role.

For yard signs, contact your local BSA Scout Council.

Make sure your Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister know that Catholic Scouting is youth ministry – and complements existing parish and Catholic school programs! Recommendations to parents/guardians about Catholic Scouting from parish and Catholic school leaders are some of the best ways to reach young people and families!

Make sure to share https://catholicscouting.com/ with interested families and parish/Catholic school leaders.

And share with your network our posts on https://www.facebook.com/CatholicScoutingBSA/ and https://www.instagram.com/catholicscoutingbsa/.

Thank you for sharing the word about Catholic Scouting!

Become a member of NCCS to receive The Bridge quarterly e-newsletter. All registered Scouters are invited to join NCCS by completing the NCCS Membership Application

You can make an impact! Know you’re doing your part to bring Catholic faith-based programs to Scouts and Scouters across the country. Membership fees support the NCCS in providing faith-based programs including: Religious Emblems programs; Religious Activities; adult, unit, and diocesan committee recognition awards; and adult leader training opportunities. In addition to The Bridge quarterly enewsletter, members also receive the Annual Serving Others NCCS Scholarship Newsletter, you will also receive invitations to the annual meeting, be able to participate on Standing Committees, invited to attend the Scouting in the Catholic Church conference at Philmont Training Center and more!

Thank you for your support! There are a variety of ways you can contribute. Please view your options online or contact NCCS at 214-714-6950, 972-580-2114 or info@nccs-bsa.org. Our mailing address is National Catholic Committee on Scouting, P.O. Box 949, Rociada, NM 87742. Please do not send cash in the mail.

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