New NCCS Scholarship Opportunity

Through a generous contribution from Tony and Patrice Steenkolk, a $2,000 NCCS Scholarship has been established. The couple have two passions in Scouting: Duty to God and teaching leadership. They are excited to be able to help others with the financial burden of attending college. 

In 2023, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting will award ten scholarships totaling $27,000.

Tony & Patrice Steenkolk
  •  The Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scout Scholarship: Seven separate scholarships are awarded, 1st place $5000, 2nd place $4000, 3rd place $3000 plus four additional $2000 scholarships.
  • The Frank Parater $3,000 Scholarship
  • The Bill and Kay Davies $2,000 Scholarship
  • The Tony & Patrice Steenkolk Family $2,000 Scholarship

Applicants complete one application to be considered for any of the scholarship awards. NCCS Scholarships are awarded to service-oriented high school seniors who are Catholic Scouts in a BSA Program and continuing their education in college. 

For more information, eligibility requirements and the 2023 NCCS Scholarship application please visit

Application deadline is March 1st each year.

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