Priesthood Sunday

Priesthood Sunday, celebrated nationwide on the last Sunday of September each year, is a special day to honor the men who serve as priests. It is also a day to honor all religious and to focus on the importance of vocations. Catholic Scout Packs, Troops, Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships are encouraged to make a special effort to involve young people in expressing appreciation to priests. This can be done at Mass on Priesthood Sunday, at a parish or Catholic school event or in other ways.

Why is Priesthood Sunday important?

Priesthood Sunday is a time to affirm the priesthood of Jesus Christ and its central place in the life of the Church. Priesthood Sunday offers an opportunity for young people to connect with their parish pastor, as well as other priests in their community, and learn more about their vocation. This is especially important for young people today because there are fewer priests now than there used to be. Through Priesthood Sunday activities, young people can get to know their pastor or another priest and have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the vocation of priesthood.

How can Scouts express appreciation to priests?

As Scout Unit, make a list of the priests who are serving or have served your parish – remember your local bishop, too – and do one or more of the following:

  • Call them during the last week of September
  • Send them a card
  • Write a personal note and enclose a gift card for a restaurant
  • Take them to lunch
  • Invite them to your house for dinner
  • Present them with Duty to God Recognition
  • Visit a priest who is in a retirement home or care center  

View resources from the Serra Club on how to celebrate Priesthood Sunday

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