There are seven Religious Activity Series available to Scouts at all program levels. The Rosary Series has five activities that teach young people about the Rosary. The Marian Series has five activities that examine Marian Feasts commemorated in the United States. The American Saint Series provide an opportunity for Scouts to learn about great men and women who influence American Catholics. The Modern Saint Series offers Scouts examples of 20th and 21st century men and women who made an impact on Catholics around the world. The Faith Series provides Scouts an opportunity to learn about key elements of Catholic tradition and teaching. The International Series offers activities designed to help Scouts understand their connection to the Universal Church and fellow Catholic Scouts in the global community, as well as understand our shared responsibility to care for the Earth. There is also a Heritage Series that includes long-standing Religious Activities to which some groups share a special devotion. 


All youth and adults—Scouts or non-Scouts, Catholic or non-Catholic—are welcome to participate in NCCS Religious Activities.

Download a PDF listing all the Religious Activities

Activity Requirements

Youth must fulfill the requirements for their grade level to complete each activity and earn its patch.

Completion of the Activity

After a young person completes the requirements, a parent, guardian or Scout leader will review the Scout’s work to confirm accuracy and understanding. Then, the parent, guardian or Scout leader will order the patch from the NCCS Online Store. Detailed documentation of fulfillment of activity requirements does not need to be sent to NCCS.


Religious Activity Pins, Medallions, and Patches can be presented to those who earned them in a formal Awards Mass, Scout meeting, by family members or in other ways. The key is to make the presentation special, so young people understand why they have earned this patch. Also, the presentation should be done in a timely manner so young people are recognized shortly after completing the activity.

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