July 3-18, 2024

St. George is the patron saint of Catholic Scouting and the inspiration for Catholic Scouting’s high adventure leadership program and vocation retreat for Scouts who are 15 to 18 years old. Every two years, approximately 70 Scouts from dioceses across the country are selected for this 11-day challenge known as the St. George Trek, which takes place at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Led by selected priests, religious, and seminarian advisors from around the country, St. George Trek participants experience spirituality, faith, scripture and the sacraments in a spectacular setting. During the Trek, Scouts make two commitments: to the ongoing discernment of their vocation and to engagement in their home parish and diocese.

Each Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting is encouraged to conduct a search and nominate one or two Scouts for participation in the Trek. Because the program can only accommodate 70 youth, only two participants per diocese will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Selection of participants is made by the local Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting and should be made on the basis of demonstrated maturity, physical ability, leadership potential, an interest the life of the Church and an openness to the discernment of vocation to the priesthood or religious life. Earning of Religious Emblems and involvement in church, school and Scouting activities should be given consideration. Eligible Scouts should commit to become in engaged in the work of their Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting when they return home.

Candidates should be emotionally mature adolescents who will be at least 15 years old and no older than 18 years old by July 1 of the year they plan to go on the Trek. Participants must also have the physical health and stamina to backpack on the mountain trails of Philmont. The St. George Trek is a one-time only experience for youth. Previous youth participants are not eligible. NO exceptions can be made to these expectations and requirements.

A female crew is planned pending sufficient female registration.

Scout Participant Application and Selection Process

Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting should invite potential participants to complete the online application form prior to the year the Scout plans to go on the Trek. When submitted, a link to the application will be sent to the committee chair’s email address. St. George Trek Participant application.

Once the local Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting has selected its nominees, the chair completes the “Local Catholic Committee Approval” section at the bottom of the participant’s online application and submits it electronically to NCCS. The application be submitted by December 31st the year prior the Scout plans to go on the Trek.

Fees and Scholarships

The NCCS covers the cost of all advisors, Albuquerque lodging, food, and transportation. Thanks to this financial commitment and that of generous benefactors the fee for the St. George Trek is only $1575.00 per participant. A special $300 early bird incentive is available to those dioceses signing up particpants by October 31st.

The fee covers:

All Philmont Scout Ranch fees, lodging in Albuquerque, Philmont and Albuquerque Meals, roundtrip chartered bus travel between Albuquerque and Philmont

Not in the fee

Transportation to and from Albuquerque, New Mexico, personal gear, personal expenses

Fee Schedule

  • A deposit of $425 per participant is required upon acceptance.
  • October 1 – Second payment due $425
  • December 1 – Third payment due $425
  • Final payment is due February 1 of the year the Scout plans to go on the Trek: $300 (waived if Early Bird fee eligible)

For information on how to make fee payments, please contact: (214) 714-6950, leave a message at (972) 580-2114 or email info@nccs-bsa.org.

NOTE:  All fees subject to change based on Philmont’s 2024 rate structure (TBD). Philmont has a policy that all fees are non-refundable. NCCS will refund all fees paid if a person cancels and NCCS is able to fill that person’s spot with another participant.

The Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting is expected to cover registration costs for participants. Financial assistance is available.

A Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting may submit a request for a scholarship using this form: St. George Trek Scholarship application. Scholarships will be provided based on demonstrated financial need and first come, first served basis. A St. George Trek Scholarship is awarded to the local Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting, not the participant.

St. George Trek Advisor Application

Because the Trek is focused on the discernment of vocations of priesthood and religious life, married persons or single men and women not in a seminary or religious order formation program are not generally considered as St. George Trek advisors. Priests, religious, seminarians and religious novices are encouraged to apply.

All advisor applicants must be in good standing with his or her diocese or religious community and must have the approval of his or her superior (bishop, pastor, religious superior, formation supervisor) in order to be considered as St. George Trek advisors.

If accepted, St. George Trek advisor applicants must be willing to register as adults in a Catholic BSA Troop, Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship.

It is preferred that St. George Trek Advisor applicants are at least 21 years of age.

St. George Trek advisor applicants must meet physical, mental and emotional requirements.

St. George Trek advisor applicants must commit to being present for the entire time, July 2-18, 2024; this includes arriving one day before the participants.

Those who meet the requirements and are interested in applying to be selected as a St. George Trek advisor should apply using this form.
St. George Trek Advisor Application.

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