Scout Sunday

BSA was founded on February 8, 1910. Scout Sunday is celebrated the Sunday preceding February 8; if February 8 is a Sunday, Scout Sunday is celebrated on February 8.

Why is Scout Sunday important?

Scout Sunday helps raise awareness about Scouting among parishioners and highlights all Scouts’ Duty to God. This can be a time to invite others in your parish to become involved in Catholic Scouting, either as families of young children, as older children who want to get involved and as adults who want to volunteer with Catholic Scouting. This is also a great time to honor Scouts and adults for their volunteer activities in service of your parish and your broader community.

How can Scout Sunday be celebrated?

  • Coordinate with parish leaders to have uniformed youth and adults participate in lay roles during Mass (e.g. ushers, acolytes, alter servers, gift bearers, lectors, readers, greeters)
  • Ask your pastor to consider a homily on youth and the ideals of Catholic Scouting
  • Set up a display in the parish hall and engage with parishioners during hospitality time after Mass
  • Create flyers and insert them in parish bulletins to raise awareness about opportunities for young people and adults in Catholic Scouting at your parish
  • Present Catholic Scouting supporters in your parish with Duty to God Recognition

Download this outline to help you plan Scout Sunday in your parish

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