• Advise the Executive Board on leadership qualifications and leadership needs of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS)


  • Identify and recruit qualified regional and national leaders for the planning and running of its nationwide programs for Catholic youth in Scouting.

Annual Efforts

  • A ticket of prospective candidates shall be presented to the Executive Committee each fall for approval and/or recommendations.
  • The Committee oversees the election process by preparing a ballot, counting the votes, and notifying the newly elected officers and publishing the results in the NCCS newsletter.
  • The Committee shall also search nationally for highly qualified Catholics, both clergy and laity, who could be resources as non-elected members of the NCCS.
  • Periodically, the Committee will present the Executive Committee a list of names of prospective members, along with a brief biographical sketch, with recommendations on the position for which they should be considered.
  • The Committee shall make arrangements for a formal briefing of new members on the functions of NCCS.

Special Programs

  • Maintain NCCS library of biographical information
  • Maintain NCCS job descriptions

Committee Contact

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