• All Catholic youth and institutions make effective use of Scouting Programs for spiritual development and youth ministry.

Long Term Objectives

  • Monitor and report the number and distribution of Scout units (and youth participation) sponsored by Catholic institutions throughout the United States, including Catholic parishes, schools, parish societies and groups and other Church-affiliated organizations.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate standards and recognitions to ensure the delivery of quality programming for Catholic members of the Boy Scouts of America reinforcing retention and growth for youth and adults in units under both Catholic and other auspices.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate materials (with input from BSA and other resource groups) to enhance and increase membership of Catholic youth and adults.
  • Develop appropriate membership workshops and other informational resources and programs for conferences, meetings and other special events.
  • Maintain mutual relationships with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM), the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and youth-serving institutions (e.g., Knights of Columbus) that charter Boy Scouting Programs as directed by the National Chairman.

Annual Efforts

  • Promote membership growth programs including Golden Bow, Gold Medallion, Pope Paul VI Unit Recognition and other means
  • Report membership statistics and goals to the Executive Board
  • Maintain a workshop(s) for presentation at annual conferences (PTC and Biennial) to develop diocesan membership committee leadership and BSA-Parish relationships

Special Programs

  • Develop programs to increase Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts units in parishes
  • Provide research on Catholic demographics
  • Develop specific programs to address maintenance and support of existing units and membership
  • Review and update all membership literature; translate into languages other than English where appropriate
  • Collect and promote examples of Scouting in culturally diverse environments.
  • Promote the BSA “Scout Reach” program in Catholic institutions
  • Develop a multi-cultural speakers list for national and regional meetings
  • Identify committee Leaders to accept specific functions (delegate)


Committee Contact

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