• Formation and training of adult leaders to establish and administer effective Catholic Scouting programs as youth ministry.


  • Develop tools to form and train diocesan committees to function as effective support systems for Catholic Scouting leaders and utilize similar tools to form and train unit leadership for effective ministry to youth through Scouting.
  • Maintain and update training materials and encourage trained leaders to use their training for more effective ministry to youth through Scouting.
  • Assist NCCS committees in the development of specialized training and certification programs as requested.

Annual Efforts

  • Review and maintain the National Catholic Leadership Development program
  • Develop and maintain NCCS Basic Training for the formation of diocesan committees and the development of committee members
  • Develop and maintain training materials and programs to support unit level adult leaders (Fast Start, “This is Catholic Scouting” outreach syllabus)
  • With Biennial Conference leaders and the Executive Committee, coordinate Biennial Conference Workshop Programs
  • Support the National Chaplain in coordinating the “Scouting in the Catholic Church” leadership training course held annually at the Philmont Training Center.
  • Administer the Jerusalem Cross Mission Project recognition program as a way of recognizing adults who follow through on their “Scouting in the Catholic Church” training by completing a project using what they have learned.

Committee Contact

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