• Develop an awareness of vocations in Catholic youth through Scouting programs.


  • Promote the establishment of a Vocations Subcommittee within Diocesan/Eparchial Catholic Committees on Scouting.
  • Provide written materials, audio and video aids to diocesan/eparchial Scouters, vocations directors and local Church leaders to aid them in fostering and encouraging to priestly, religious and other Church-related vocations through Scouting.
  • Provide avenues to materials and resources that spiritually strengthen families to aid them in providing vocation and leadership models within their homes.
  • Provide a forum to share thoughts, methods and programs that can be applied to promote vocations in all dioceses/eparchies.

Annual Efforts

  • Maintain appropriate relationships with other Catholic groups and organizations with a vocation focus as directed by the National Chairman
  • Maintain NCCS literature related to vocations

Special Programs

  • Develop and maintain a Vocations Handbook for use in diocesan/eparchial Scouting programs
  • Develop and maintain a Catholic Chaplain’s Aide Handbook for the development of Catholic youth leaders as a supplement to BSA Manual(s)
  • Develop and maintain content for a Vocations Workshop for Catholic Scouting Leaders (see below)
  • Study and recommend an NCCS recognition for youths who have participated in an vocation discernment program.
  • Review effectiveness and suitability of the Ministry Potential Discerner for Scouting use and evaluate other established methods of calling forth young people within a diocese/eparchy.
  • Content to supplement Scouting materials for Catholic use

Committee Contact

Vocational Workshop for Catholic Scouting Leaders

Participants: Any Scouter interested in learning how Catholic Scouting can help Scouts discern God’s call in their lives

Timing: Can be taken any time

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will:

  • Understand the various religious vocations in the Catholic church
  • Understand the deep Christian commitment which can thrive within a unit.
  • Understand the influential role Scouters play by enlightening scout to ideals and vocations of service

Prerequisites: None

Availability: This workshop should be conducted by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting in conjunction with the vocations director and/or organizations that place an emphasis on promoting responsible involvement in church life, such as Serra Club, Lay Mission Groups, and the Knights of Columbus. View Vocational Workshop Guide for an outline.

Time Commitment: Depending on the intended outcome of the organizers, this workshop may be as short as an hour or as long as a full weekend.

Format: The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to help scouts discern God’s call in their lives. All Christian’s are called to God’s service. We are all encouraged by word and example, personal invitation, and style of life to accept following God’s call as one’s life goal. Scouting encourages each of us to adhere to the principles of service, to live it in our own lives and to guide others. Scouting is a proven program of personal development. As scouts begin to recognize and appreciate their own talents and gifts it is incumbent upon Scouters to help them broaden their vision and understand of how to put their God given talents and gifts into whatever service there are called to.

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