Volunteer Nomination Process

WANTED: Volunteers with Executive Ability

The NCCS is in search of capable volunteers to serve as National Officers, Regional Leaders, Committee Chairs and Standing Committee Members. Job descriptions are found in the Bylaws and Handbook for Operations found on the NCCS Website. All of these positions involve self-motivation and leadership skills and often professional level skills (marketing, finance, accounting, journalism, sales, human relations, etc.). Scouting and Church (parish and/or diocesan) leadership experience is expected. Financial support is not normally offered for volunteers in normal execution of their duties and a level of annual financial contribution to the NCCS is expected.

A National Nominating Committee of at least seven members is appointed by the National Chair to advise the Executive Board on leadership qualifications and leadership needs of the national committee. The committee is charged to:

  • Maintain a membership database that includes a record of leadership qualifications,
  • Seek and receive nominations for national service,
  • Verify leadership qualifications for national leadership candidates (Executive and Advisory Board Members) at nomination,
  • Prepare an annual slate of candidates for elected national leadership,
  • Recommend candidates for appointment to the Executive and Advisory Board,
  • Recommend members for National Standing Committees, and
  • Conduct an annual election for national officers.

Resumes of pertinent service are invited from all members for inclusion in the NCCS database. Further, nominations are solicited for national leadership positions (including self-nominations and letters indicating willingness to serve in specific capacities). These resumes would preferably include:

  • BSA experience and service,
  • Service in Catholic institutions,
  • Technical or professional experience pertinent to NCCS operations,
  • Projects indicative of leadership or management skills,
  • Statement of a willingness to support your NCCS volunteerism.

Nominations should be sent to the NCCS Program Administrator.

Submission of a resume does not assure an appointment to a specific position or Standing Committee. Recommendations are made by the Nominating Committee but approval of the Executive Committee is required for all ballot candidates and appointments to National Committees.

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