Youth Protection

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) is committed to protecting young people from abuse. All Catholic Scouters are required to follow the Youth Protection guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America. If a Catholic Scouting unit is chartered by a parish or otherwise utilizes parish or Catholic school facilities for meetings or other activities, Catholic Scouters also need to meet diocesan/eparchial safe environment requirements. Many dioceses/eparchies around the country accept BSA Youth Protection training to meet the diocesan/eparchial requirement. However some dioceses require Catholic school and parish adult volunteers to participate in training required by the diocese, in addition to BSA Youth Protection training. Catholic Scouters will need to check with their parish or diocesan/eparchial safe environment coordinator to find out what is required for them.

Our goal of protecting young people from abuse can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Catholic Scouting. Catholic Scouting leaders must work together with BSA youth protection professionals and diocesan/eparchial safe environment coordinators to ensure compliance with all BSA and Church requirements. But this work is about far more than compliance – it is about keeping young people safe.

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